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Front Crawl Technique Workshop

A full day of front crawl technique with two qualified and experienced swimming teachers! 

The workshop is limited to 8 people - you must be able to swim 100m without stopping in a reasonable front crawl!


Abernethy Trust Swimming Pool

Nethy Bridge


PH25 3ED

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

  • 2 x pool sessions

  • 2 x video feedback sessions

  • 1 x swim specific Pilates session

  • Lunch and afternoon tea/coffee

Cost: £155pp


Please see the calendar page for 2020 dates! 

Pool Sessions

During the pool sessions we will go back to basics in order to learn efficient front crawl technique from scratch.  We will go through breathing, body position, leg action, arm action, breathing (within the stroke) and timing. 

The small private pool at Abernethy is great for practising drills, you will be working in small groups, receiving both individual and group feedback at each stage!

Video Analysis Sessions

Within the practical swimming sessions, you will be filmed swimming – there really is no substitute for seeing your swimming stroke with your own eyes! Often there is a mismatch between what you think you are doing when swimming and what you are actually doing.  Footage will be taken from both under water and above water to give you a full insight to your stroke.  You will receive detailed analysis of your stroke during these sessions.  We will highlight drills that will help your performance and improve your efficiency!

Pilates Sessions


 As a swimmer you need to work with the water - being misaligned can cause you to work against it.  Misalignment can lead to a variety of tears, pulls or stains.  Pilates focuses on strengthening your inner support system (deep abdominals and muscles closest to your spine).  Being able to activate your inner support system will help you to attain maximum balance through your stroke, correct alignment and control.