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STA Level 2 Award Open Water Coaching Qualification 

| Online Classroom with an in person Practical Day |

| Aviemore, Scottish Highlands | Blackpool, Lancashire | Anglesey, Wales |

Open Water is the fastest growing swimming activity within the UK and many more people are taking part in open water swimming events.  As an open water swimming coach, you will be responsible for planning, coaching, and evaluating swimmers in a session in an open water environment. 

This qualification will provide you with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed for providing open water swimming sessions.  You will be able to plan, deliver and evaluate a session effectively.

You will be able to coach a range of swimming abilities from novice open water swimmers through to those who are training for a specific open water event.  As an open water coach, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of your swimmers in the open water environment as well ensuring the equipment used is safe and fit for purpose.

You will be qualified to coach sessions in an open water environment in which you are competent and experienced in.  You will not be able to coach swimmers for an event in which you are not experience in.

Where can I take this course?

The theory parts of this course are delivered online in my online classroom via the Zoom app.  Your in person practical element will take place in one of three locations: 

  • Aviemore, Scottish Highlands

  • Blackpool, North West England

  • Anglesey, Wales


Length of Course: 2 days online and 1 day in person

Course Theory Dates: 


  • 12th + 13th February 2022 

  • 12th + 13th March 2022 - FULLY BOOKED

  • 25th + 26th March 2022

  • 26th + 27th May 2022 *NEW DATES*

Practical Assessment Dates and Location:

  • Anglesey: 15th April 2022 (2 spaces left)

  • Blackpool: 16th April 2022 (1 space left)

  • Aviemore: 15th May 2022 - FULLY BOOKED

  • Aviemore: 3rd June 2022 *NEW DATES*


Cost: £450

You will need to provide your own travel and accommodation for your practical day. 

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Pre-course requirements!

To take the Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coaching Qualification, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Hold current membership of STA 

  • Submit a brief summary of your open water swimming experience this can be either a completion certificate from an open water event, or the official timings, if you haven’t done an event then a witness statement from someone you regularly swim with would be ideal. 

  • Hold either a Level 2 qualification in either swimming teaching, coaching or triathlon coaching

  • Learners who do not hold a Level 2 qualification must complete the open water swimming coaching online up-skill programme

There are two full theory days for this course with your final day 3 being a full in water practical day.  On your final practical day one of your coaching sessions will be your ‘assessed’ element to form part of your competence.  You are required to complete a course portfolio and participate in discussions and activities as part of your qualification.  This will include completing a full site risk assessment, three session plans for different types of swimmers!

Allow around 3-4 hours for completion of your coursework. 

More information!

Day 1: 10am - 4:00pm

  • Introducing Swimmers to the Open Water

  • How to be an open water coach & SWIM principles of coaching

  • Introduction to open water equipment

  • Recreational open water skills including safe entries and exits and treading water

  • Session planning

  • Open water skills

  • Pool to open water

Day 2: 10am - 4:00pm

  • Open water legislation 

  • Open water environment and venue types

  • Risk assessing and emergency planning

  • Stroke techniques

  • Open water safety code

  • Open water conditions 

  • Weather conditions and considerations

  • Open water events

Day 3: 10am - 3pm

  • Practical open water coaching session x 3 (one session being your assessment)

  • Lunch

  • Course debrief 

  • Course results

After the course:

What you'll be able to do:

On completion of your Level 2 Open Water Coaching course you will have the required qualification to coach a variety of swimmers in the open water from 121's to groups.  

You will have the confidence you need to coach all levels of swimmers to achieve their goals in a safe manner and environment! 

Ongoing support after the course:

All coaches will have the opportunity to access ongoing support long after the course has been completed.  

My exclusive BTW Coaching Facebook group is a place to ask questions, get support both practically and morally and gives you the opportunity to connect with other coaches across the UK who have completed the course with Beyond the Water.