One to One Coaching

“Sarah’s years of experience and knowledge shows through when she is working with you”.

- Natasha, December 2019

Your Goals | Your Dreams | Your Swim

Take your swimming to the next level with one to one coaching

One to one coaching is designed for you and can take place either in the swimming pool or open water.  Whether your motivation is a personal challenge or a desire to complete an event swim or triathlon, we work together to reach your goals.

One to one coaching gives you the opportunity to develop a range of swimming skills, increasingly pushing you through your boundaries in a safe environment


One to One Coaching

* Open Water *

Sessions are approximately 1 hour long


£50 for a one-off session

£135 (£45 per session) for a block of 3 sessions

£200 (£40 per session) for a block of 5 sessions

Location: Various locations around Aviemore


One to One Coaching 

* Swimming Pool *

Sessions are 1 hour long


£50 for a one-off session

Due to the current situation we are unable to offer block bookings for pool coaching

Location: Macdonalds Highland Resort, Aviemore


One to One Coaching

* Video Analysis *

Sessions are approximately 1 hour long

Rates: £80

Video analysis is perfect for swimmers looking to improve their technique and make changes to their stroke that will improve their speed and efficiency in the water!  After the session I will send you your video footage along with personalised drills and technique to improve your stroke and performance.

Location: Macdonalds Highland Resort, Aviemore