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Session Planning for Open Water Coaches

Enriching the lives of Open Water Swimmers

Are you ready to unleash the creative writing skills you never knew you had? Are you ready to let your imagination run wild?


The answer you should be shouting is YES!!! But WHY? I hear you ask!

Planning sessions and making schemes of work can sometimes feel like a chore, but they needn't be...


Schemes of work are like short stories and each session plan within them is a chapter to make the book whole.

This interactive CPD will give you the skills to create SOW and session plans in a simplified and enjoyable way.  

During this 2 hour interactive CPD we will look at planning in the real world of open water coaching, we will create a scheme of work and 3 session plans appropriate for open water swimmers and leave you with the skills to create more of your own in a simplified and enjoyable way! 


  Places for this CPD will be limited to groups of 8 - £25 

Dates coming soon!