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Sarah Wiseman the business owner wearing an orange jacket and yellow trousers sat on a dryrobe on top of a SUP.

Training Services

Working with individuals and businesses to provide comprehensive and quality training solutions to meet industry regulations and requirements. 

We are passionate about our role in providing comprehensive and quality training services throughout our range of expertise in Teaching, Coaching, Lifesaving and Internal Quality Assurance.


We are committed to the idea that what we do makes a real difference to the individuals and businesses we work with.


Two mooring buoys on the lochside

STA Aquatics Tutor

  • Level 2 Award in Open Water Swimming Coaching

  • Level 2 Award in Open Water Safety

  • Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming

  • Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming

  • Level 2 Award in Safety Award for Teachers

  • Junior Lifeguarding

OS Map of the West coast of Scotland

RLSS Trainer / Assessor

  • National Water Safety Management Programme

  • National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

  • Emergency Response Pool

  • National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches

  • Automated External Defibrillat

  • Anaphylaxis Management

  • Pool Extraction Board

  • National Lifesaving Academy

  • Rookie Lifeguarding

  • Water Smart

Lifering by the side of a Scottish river

Internal Quality Assurance

  • Range of STA Qualifications

  • Range of RLSS Qualifications

  • Development of Annual IQA Strategy 

  • Team Standardisations

  • Review and Development of IQA Policies

  • Delivery of IQA services both Remote and In Person

See what we can do for you: 

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