About Beyond the Water

Beyond the Water aims to deliver Swim Coaching both outdoors and indoors as well as Pilates activities to people from all walks of life.

Through forming and working in partnership with others I am able to deliver high quality open water activities to all that are inspiring, engaging and inclusive.

At Beyond the Water, I believe that everybody should learn how to swim. That is why I combine quality swimming teaching with a safe and comfortable environment. This guarantees each person a successful swimming experience.

My Core Values

My core values reflect how I expect to operate, both individually and collectively when working with other companies.  They also reflect the experience that I want you, my customer, to feel each and every time you interact with me. My core values are critical to my culture and represent the manner in which I move you toward your goals.

  • Save lives

  • Water Safety

  • Pragmatic

  • Small group sizes

  • Caring and compassionate 

  • Personal customer relationships

  • Supporting swimmer success 

  • Honesty and integrity

  • FUN!

About Sarah

With over 15 years in the leisure industry working in various locations around the UK and France, Sarah has gained a wealth of knowledge in swimming, fitness and exercise ranging from total beginner through to competitive level and training for various events and competitions.   


Coupled with over 12,000 hours of continuous practical swimming teaching and coaching experience and working alongside top swimming club coaches, FINA Officials / Judges and Swim England / STA Learn to Swim teachers, Sarah has developed a clear step-by-step approach to stroke technique development to help swimmers achieve their goals, whether that is making a 25m length possible (without being out of breath at the end!) or helping others with their long-distance ambitions.


Sarah's passion for open water swimming was ignited in 2010 with the 1 mile event at  'The Great North' swim.  Regularly taking part in various short events it wasn't until moving to the Scottish Highlands in 2016 and joining the local wild swimming group that Sarah started to explore longer events and bigger challenges, including supporting a friend complete the BLDSA Loch Lomond 39km swim in 2018. 


In 2018, Sarah completed her first Marathon swim the BLDSA St.Mary’s Loch 6.5 miles.  Then in 2019, completed the 1km event at the UK Ice Swimming Championships.  Along with a 4 person BLDSA Loch Ness Relay and a 5 person CSA English Channel Relay!


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