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Winter Swimming - What do you need to know?

Are you intrigued about swimming in the colder water and the darker days? If so read on for some handy tips for swimming through winters! (be warned it can be addictive).

While jumping into the open water on a summer’s day may feel refreshing, some of you hardy folk might want to continue dipping in freezing temperatures throughout the Winter. Swimming or dipping through winter can make you feel alive, it can give you the space you need to simply switch your brain off.

Swimming through the winter in cooler temperatures isn't about pushing your boundaries, it is about listening to your body. The main risk to swimming outdoors in cooler water is becoming cold away from the bank or shore. When your body gets cold it shunts blood from your extremities to your core to preserve your bodies core temperature.


Carry on swimming as the temperature drops, your body will gradually get used to the change in water temperature! Enter the water slowly and gradually, focus on your breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose this will help you relax!

Listen to your body:

As the temperature drops it is crucial that you listen to your body, listen to how it feels and decrease the time you are in the water for. If you start to feel happy or warm get out immediately!

Getting out:

Before you get into the water lay your clothes in the order you want to put them back on this will help cut down time later when you need to get dressed quickly. Do not have a hot shower after you have swum, warm up slowly. Ensure you have lots of loose warm clothing that are easy to put back on. Have a warm (not hot) drink ready for when you are dressed!

And finally:

Be safe! Make sure you can enter and exit the water easily and carefully. Avoid swimming alone!

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